February 2018

  • Sarang Gumfekar successfully defended his PhD thesis, congratulations Dr. Gumfekar.  

January 2018

  • Behnaz Bazoubandi successfully defended her masters thesis! Congratulations, Behnaz!
  • Sahar Saadat successfully defended her masters thesis! Congratulations, Sahar!
  • Fernanda Lopes Motta is leaving the group for a full time job. Congratulations Fernanda and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 

December 2017

  • Leonardo Pennetta de Oliveira successfully defended his masters thesis! Congratulations, Leonardo!
  • Daniel Dixon successfully passed his PhD candidacy examination. Congratulations, Daniel!

    November 2017

    • Congratulations Atreya Nittala (MSc) on your convocation!
    • Sarang Gumfekar published a paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces! 
    • Professor Soares again becomes a grandpa!

    October 2017

    • Professor Soares chaired the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2017 at Edmonton.